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Custom Made Software

Do you have special requirements that cannot be met by off-the-shelf software’s in the market? Are you looking to use custom software to fully meet your scope? Our experts look forward to working with you to help you accomplish what you set out to achieve, regardless the nature of scope.

CMS – Content Management System

We integrate your website with systems such as wordpress, drupal and Joomla. With such integrations we provide your with a product that will allow you to manage your content effectively.

Web Hosting

With our premium hosting package, you can have the peace of mind that your website and data is secure and more importantly, it’s running. With an uptime of 99.5%, your website will always be on-line and representing your company.


Your website is your most important marketing tool. A great website will be visually appealing to the visitor and at the same time provide the information they are looking for. The main goal is to convert a visitor into a customer, be it an email, phone call or a purchase. A website helps your business to cost effectively reach potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When done right a website creates an experience that is uniquely intimate for every visitor.

Digital Marketing

Although it’s not our primary focus, we are able to create catchy, visually appealing marketing solutions for our clients. From designing logos to tradeshow exhibits, we take pride in everything we do so you can expect a quality product every time. Our digital marketing solution include social media, print media and email marketing srategies

Graphic Design

Offering great website design, brochures, folders, flyers, stationery, custom templates, tradeshow booths, banners and more, we have you covered for just about anything you need!.

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What Else We Provide

E-Rental Management System(E-RMS)

E-RMS is an advanced web-based property management software solution built on a world class, Multi-tiered architecture. E-RMS allows you to efficiently leverage your productivity without compromising the quality of your service. Built on a robust, lightweight, and scalable web architecture, E-RMS is the property management solution tool of choice for your company.
E-RMS makes it easy for landlords, property managers, and real estate owners to manage
Properties, bill tenant and collect rent from their tenants.


E-Couriers operate a large amount of complex data on a daily basis in order to serve customers efficiently and in a timely manner taking into account relevant rates, available stocks, suitable routings, etc. It provides all the required tools, reminders, templates and reports in one place integrating business and financial operations, covering the entire workflow and supplying a multifunctional platform for day-to-day business activities.

Hospital Management System

Our hospital management software is a complete hospital suite serving all functional areas of the hospital. Each of the department’s work processes are in tandem with the system’s business process. It is user friendly software. It can take care of much complex OPD operation; it covers complete cycle from Application, Appointment, User Registration, Patient Registration, Patient History, Patient Case File, and Doctor along with Prescription writing.

School Management System

Our School management system is a web based system, allow you to manage classes, batches, students, employee, sms management, exam management and lot more. The software allows for sms management, class management,, search students, employee management,subject maangement, attendane management and exam management

Survey Management System

Survey Management is a powerful and robust online marketing automation tool to build professional surveys and collect feedback & accurate business data to make smarter business decisions. It is an easy-to-use tool to create, analyze and deploy questionnaire, surveys and reports quickly; within few minutes.


This system performs a complete record of the sale of goods and services at retail. Easy to use and apply automate everyday actions such as the establishment report (stock lists, bussiness books), receipt of goods, price changes, records of customers and suppliers, Issuance Account

Real Estate Management System

We enable the tenants and the landlords navigate the system so easily the circle to the betterment of the real estate economy. With our property solution extension you can upload photo, manage real estate categories and subcategories, display property on Google map, post comments and more. Also available free real estate website templates with in-built Real Estate Manager. Discover our collection of real estate web design:

Hotel Management System

The software includes booking management, guest relationship management, point of sale and folio management, channel management integration, billing system and reports. The web site and direct booking are also included in the software

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Who are we?

Delta Limited is a leader in software development and is a leading vendor with cutting edge technologies and a comprehensive portfolio. With our head office in Nairobi Town and strategic partnerships in all major centers in Kenya, we offer comprehensive technical on-site and remote IT support nationally. Our mission is to provide medium companies with a personal and pro-active approach to maintaining and improving their IT infrastructure.As a complete ICT Services and Infrastructure developer, we remain committed to delivering ICT solutions that make IT simpler.Instead of providing a one-size- fits-all solution, we aim to architect a solution that fits your specific needs and requirements.

Our Mission
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Business Development

How we work at Delta Limited

  • Our team is skilled at developing solutions to increase our clients’ productivity and profitability. Our detailed specs illustrated design method and quick development process make it possible for us to build software solutions in up to 40% less time and with 100% precision.
  • Our attention to detail as we move through creating specification and business rules allows us to catch any problems early on and can often introduce new features for an improved experience and outcome.

Implementation Phases

Maintenance & Support

For 1 to 2 months we will provide technical support to fix any bugs occurring within that time. Thereafter we will offer maintenance and support services on a retainer basis under the Annual maintenance contract. These will entail managing and updating of the mobile application to comply with online store standards and change in device technologies.


Based on the functional specs and designs, we will prepare detailed test procedures which will be employed in testing the System/Software.

Solution Deployment

Deploy the application to a live server located either at the clients servers or with Delta Limited to ensure a secure hosting and integration environment. Furthermore, the Client will authorize publication of the Mobile Apps to Play Store.

Administrative Portal Design

We will design visuals to illustrate the look and feel of the admin portal. We will initially present design iterations to develop and refine the client’s chosen/preferred design direction.

Application technical development

Develop the application using technologies and frameworks. ‘Best practice’ principles such as version control, code reviews and unit testing are employed during the development stage.

Functional Specification Development

Development of the information architecture for your mobile app and administrative portal which will include, creating the sitemap and wireframes that will detail the full functionality and features required, to understand the customer facing design and the deliverables of the bank.

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